Samie's UFT Page of Fun :]

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Samie's UFT Page of Fun :]

Post  Yukiiye on Wed Jan 02, 2008 9:06 pm

So. My FC is 4467 8598 9613
and my IGN is Samie.

Happy Trading! :]

Legit Pokemon:

- All The Starters.
- All the Eevelutions.
- Female Togetic level 57
- Female Ampharos level 45
- Female Jumpluff level 31
- Female Politoad level 53
- Female Dewgong level 53
- Female Drifblim level 31
- Female Scyther level 50
- Female Lopunny level 50
- Female Skitty level 41 [Japanese name]

Legit Shiny Pokemon:

- Male Umbreon level 20
- Female Girafarig level 24
- Female Roserade level 25
- Female Ponyta level 23
- Female Azurill level 18
- Male Eevee level 18
- Male Charmander level 1

Illegit Pokemon

- Female Scizor level 100
- Male Arcanine level 100
- Female Altaria level 100
- Male Togekiss level 100
- Female Flygon level 100
- Female Flygon level 100

Illegit Shiny Pokemon

- Male Dragonair level 100


I have both ARCEUS and SHAYMIN from DP.
Arceus being level 80 and Shaymin being level 30.

and AR was used to recieve the Flute and Oaks letter.
Therefore there origin of Capture will be as it should be.

I have both Deoxys and Jirachi. Deoxys isn't legit and
Jirachi, I obtained from a trade. Recieved level 30 I believe.

I have Lugia and Ho-oh whom are both Illegit. I'm not cool enough
for legit pokemans :[ But I have them, level 100 :]

I have all the Regis, but only Regigigas is the legit one that I went and caught on my own.

I have Manaphy and Cressilia, Manaphy I recieved as an egg from a trade
and Cressilia I caught on my own.

Any questions of nature and movesets can be posted here or PM'd to me :]

- YUKI <3

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